Monday, May 15, 2017

Hawaii Wedding Music

Waikiki Musician
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Wedding Songs (Current as of 4/6/18)

A.   Guitar

Guitar with Singing:
1.     I will be here (by Steven Curtis Chapman)
2.     Over the Rainbow (by Brother IZ)
3.     White Sandy Beach (by Brother IZ)
4.     Sandy Beaches
5.     When God Made You  
6.     If (by Bread)
7.     You’re still the one (by Shania Twain)
8.     Tenerife Sea (by Ed Sheeran)
9.     Rest of My Life (by Bruno Mars)
10.  Marry You (by Bruno Mars)
11.  Fly Me to the Moon
12.  We Belong Together (by Ritchie Valens)
13.  Better Together (by Jack Johnson)
14.  Road that Never Ends (by Keali’i Reichel)
15.  Aloha Kaua (by Kawika Kahiapo)
16.  All of Me (by John Legend)
17.  Hey, Soul Sister (by Train)
18.  Marry Me (by Train)
19.  Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen version)
20.  Blue Hawaii
21.  Everything is Good (By Siaosi)
22.  Bridal march (Instrumental)

B.   Ukulele

Ukulele with Singing:                                                       
1.     Somewhere Over the Rainbow (by Brother IZ)
2.     Fly Me to the Moon
3.     Rest of My Life (by Bruno Mars)
4.     Tenerife Sea (by Ed Sheeran)
5.     Sandy Beaches (by Delbert McClinton - Revised)
6.     Hawaiian Wedding Song
7.     White Sandy Beach (by Brother IZ)
8.     You’re Still the One (by Shania Twain)
9.     Marry You (by Bruno Mars)
10.  Aloha Kaua (by Kawika Kahiapo)
11.  We Belong Together (by Ritchie Valens)
12.  The Road that Never Ends (by Keali’i Reichel)
13.  Better Together (by Jack Johnson)
14.  All of Me (by John Legend)
15.  Blue Hawaii
16.  Marry Me (by Train)
17.  Hey, Soul Sister (by Train)
18.  This Kind of Love (by Sister Hazel)
19.  Everything is Good (by Siaosi)
20.  Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen version)
21.  Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai
22.  Best of My Love (by the Eagles)
23.  Lava Song (Disney/Pixar)
24.  Can’t Help Falling in Love (by Elvis)

Working on:
25.  Just the Way You Are (by Bruno Mars)
26.  Thinking Out Loud (by Ed Sheeran)
27.  I’m Yours (by Jason Mraz)

Ukulele Instrumental Only:
28.  Can’t keep my eyes off of you
29.  Pachelbel’s Canon
30.  A River Flows In You
31.  Fly Me to the Moon
32.  Bridal March
33.  Thousand Years
34.  If (by Bread)

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